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Systemline S7 Local Input Module (LIM)

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SKU SN5100

The S7 Local Input Module (LIM) is designed to connect a local audio source such as a TV within a zone to the centrally located NetAmp using a Cat5 or Cat6 data cable.

The unit has connectivity for both a digital optical input and an analogue input, switching between the two automatically or manually to suit the application. It comes with an IR receiver which can be used to operate the NetAmp using a remote control, such as SKY HD, Virgin Media or Humax YouView, which can be easily set up to control the TV as well as the NetAmp.

The LIM is compact in size and comes with two cable tie loops so that it can be attached to the back of a TV set. The LIM communicates with the NetAmp and can automatically select the local input on the presence of digital or analogue sound, with the user just switching on the source.

Cat 5/6 RJ45 Output To NetAmp - 100m Max
Optical Digital Toslink PCM Stereo Only
Analogue 3.5mm Stereo Jack
IR 2.5mm Jack
Configurable Options
Auto NetAmp Switching Switch to local on digital or analogue, returns to previous state when source is o On or off configured by NetAmp
Auto Source Switching Switch between digital and analogue, digital takes preference On or off configured by NetAmp
Dimensions Height: 26mm, Width: 83mm, Depth: 64mm
Net Weight 143g