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Global Cache IP2SL-P iTach TCP/IP to Serial (RS232) With Power Over Ethernet

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The iTach TCP/IP (Ethernet) to Serial/RS232 device provides a new level of automation and control flexibility, enabling device networking in Home or Commercial properties. 

Global Cache's IP2SL-P will seamlessly connect, monitor, and control Serial/RS232 devices over a network & internet.


  • PoE version allows you to place your iTach where power just can't reach.  PSU included as a backup
  • RS232 from 1200 baud to 57.6K baud
  • Male DB9
  • On board web server for quick, easy setup and configuration
  • Allows up to 8 simultaneous connections to any smart device
  • Flash upgradeable to accommodate future upgrades in the field
  • One Serial/RS232 port offering bi-directional control
  • Can draw power from USB Port