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Global Cache GC-SP1 AC/DC Voltage Sensor

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Global Cache's AC/DC Voltage Input Sensor monitors the on-and-off status of electronic components by detecting an AC or DC voltage greater than +/- 2V. Voltages up to +/- 24V can be connected to the Voltage Sensor to determine the powered state of equipment, power strips (via a wall adapter), or the "ring" condition of a telephone circuit.

The Voltage Sensor is optically isolated and clamped by a transient voltage suppressor to ensure circuit isolation and protection from voltage surges.

The Voltage Sensor can be plugged directly into a GC-100 Network Adaptor connecting the sensor to the network, or the Voltage Sensor will work with other controllers that provide 5V power and accept digital logic (TTL) input.

The Voltage Sensor connector is a standard 3.5mm stereo jack.