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Audica Pro 100V Adapter - White

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SKU AP1191

The 100V Adapter is an extremely high quality audio transformer that facilitates the use of Audica Professional MICROseries loudspeakers with 100V line systems. Designed to complement the design of the MICROpoint and MICROline for on-wall use, the Adaptor can also be used above the ceiling void with the MICROpoint.

When used with Audica MICROseries loudspeakers, the audio signal must still be used with a MICROzone, MULTIzone or DSP programmed with the MICROseries Eq. The equalized signal can then be fed to a 100V power amplifier to provide the power to the 100V Adapters connected to the Audica MICROseries loudspeakers.

Connections allow the unit to be matched to 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm loudspeakers and tapping links provide for 2W, 4W, 8W and 16W output. The unit has been designed for quick and simple installation and is available in black or white finishes that match the black and white of the MICROseries loudspeakers. The Adapter is available in packs of 4 units.