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How To Use This Site

Our mission is to make selling tech on your projects easier and more reliable whilst helping end-users benefit from high level but cost effective tech.

This isn't just a trade website where you give us your money, it's got a few tips and tricks up it's sleeve to help you grow your business.

Here's some things you can do:


We've made it easier than ever to up-sell technology on your projects, one of these ways is with catalogue mode.

This site has been designed to be user friendly on all devices including smart phones and tablets.

When logged out, all prices are hidden meaning you can confidently show products and solutions to your customers.

You can also email links to products if required, there's no way to see pricing without logging in.


On each product page you'll find the relevant spec sheets that you can forward onto your customers or download and send with quotes.

You'll also find installation manuals which you can use 24/7! No more searching Google for basic information.


On each page you'll see a live chat button, this will connect you straight to one of our tech experts (Mon-Fri, 09:00 - 17:00) and can be used for any queries, questions whether it's technical or sales.

If it shows us as online and you need help, feel free to ask!


If you need any further advice then feel free to contact our team on 02392 006118.

Likewise if you wish we had a certain feature on the website to make your life even easier then please share it with us and we'll look into it!